Sometimes I wonder
Do you still think of me as much as I think of you
Do you still turn of the radio everytime our song comes on
Do you still check my Instagram, just to see what I'm up to these days

Sometimes I still get angry
For all the things you've put me through
For the scars you left behind
For the reason why I lost you

Sometimes I wish
I wish I had never met you
I wish I never lost you
I wish I could forget you

Sometimes I am grateful
For making me who I am today
For the lessons you made me learn
For how you let me free

But today, I think I just
Miss you

2 opmerkingen

  1. Wauw... Sprakeloos... Je raakt mij echt, precies mijn gevoelens en gedachten...

    1. Wat een mooi compliment! Dit is nou precies waarom ik dit doe. Als je eens wilt babbelen, I'm here <3